What is the price range of your kittens?

A lot goes into the price of our kittens. We strive for only the best quality in everything we accomplish at British Whiskers because our goal is to provide you with the healthiest kitten possible that will be able to bring you joy and live its life with you to the fullest.

Many of our kittens posses exotic coat colors, patterns and shading in addition to being show quality.

Here is a breakdown of the main expenses in our cattery that explain our premium prices:


  1. We purchase only high quality breeding cats with extensive health clearances, championship titles in their pedigrees and pay quite a sum to have them hand delivered to our home from Europe.
  2. Regular vet visits and care for all of our adult cats and kittens. We do not charge you extra for the USDA health certificates, pedigrees or FeLV vaccines which are common practices in other catteries. (We never let our kittens go before 12 weeks of age, thus incurring additional vet visits.)
  3. Extensive and ongoing health testing of our breeding cats and kittens.
  4. High quality food (Royal Canin) and regular treats including wild caught shrimp, salmon and grass fed meat.
  5. Supplements essential for kittens’ ultimate health development.
  6. Natural and organic cleaning supplies as well as high-end grooming products.
  7. Toys and many other accessories to keep our kittens busy, happy and healthy!


To join our waiting list – the deposit is $300 (non-refundable)

Our total prices (including the prepaid deposit of $300) ranges from $2,500 – $6,500

What can I expect in adopting a kitten from British Whiskers?

We make sure your questions and concerns are answered promptly and thoroughly.

Delivery of kittens is available to all of the United States where they travel with our personal courier to your nearest airport or door to door delivery.  If our courier is unable to deliver the kittens, then we personally handle the delivery.

We also offer virtual tours/ zoom or facetime calls for long distance homes.

Regarding health – All of our breeding adults are genetically tested and selected against health issues and come from carefully selected, healthy, champion, European bloodlines.  Each of them also has the following vet procedures and health tests performed:

  • PKD
  • FELV
  • FIV
  • Heartworm
  • Additional 49 genetic diseases
  • Regular deworming

Our kittens:

  • Tica registration and pedigree
  • health guarantee
  • minimum of two physical exams by a certified veterinarian
  • vaccinations
  • deworming
  • litter trained
  • fully socialized
  • groomed
  • microchipped
  • nails trimmed
  • kitten packet
  • care recommendations
  • lifetime breeder support

How do I join the waiting list and reserve my place for a kitten?

Our family works off of a waiting list here at British Whiskers.  Much of the time, our kittens are already reserved before even being born.  Please keep in mind, that others are also inquiring about kittens and the only way to insure you’ve secured your place on our waiting list is to make a deposit.  Joining our waiting list is simple.  Please fill out our application form on our website and in the comments sections please let us know what type of kitten character, gender and coat colors you’re interested in.  Or, simply call us and we’ll add you to the waiting list.  We operate on a first come, first serve basis.  The cost of joining our waiting list is $300 (non-refundable) – this amount is part of the final payment and will be applied to the total balance at the time of purchase.

What are your delivery options?

Option 1.

You are welcome to pick-up your kitten directly from our cattery or meet us at the Spokane Intl’ Airport located in Washington.  Depending on the airline and how far in advance your flight is booked – (2023 Cost of tickets are estimated between $200 – $500)


Option 2.

We are able to ship your kitten (in-cabin) with our personal courier to your nearest airport to anywhere in the US.  The delivery cost is in addition to the price of your kitten. We never ship our kittens via cargo. Depending on the airline and how far in advance the flight is booked – (2023 Cost is estimated between $600 – $800)


Option 3.

VIP delivery is a unique feature of our cattery. Your kitten gets delivered to your door step with no hassle for you!  This is an extra cost and quote depends on your location.

What types of products do you use for your cattery?

We use only green, organic products in our cattery.  Absolutely no toxic litter, cleaning or grooming supplies are used.  We use natural pine, wood pellets for all our litter boxes.  The brand of food we use is called Royal Canin, its recommended by vets and researchers as the best of the best.  Everything we use or introduce to our cattery is well researched, before use.  The care and health of our kittens is extremely important to our family, which is why we choose only the highest quality products for them.

At what age can the kittens go to new homes?

At British Whiskers, our kittens are ready to leave for their new homes between 12 and 18 weeks of age. The kittens should only go to new homes after 12 weeks of age and never earlier according to the TICA Code of Ethics.  They need this time to take advantage of their mother’s valuable milk nutrients for their development as well as properly learning how to use the litter box and other social skills.  We strive to insure that each individual kitten is fully trained, socialized and healthy before being considered for their new adoptive family.

How often do you have litters?

We have British Shorthair kittens for sale usually twice a year, when we have our spring and fall breeding.  Careful thought goes into the timing of each litter to insure that our family life coincides well with the time kittens arrive so that we can be fully attentive to every need that mom and kittens have.

About the British Shorthair

In line with their British heritage, the breed is slightly reserved, but once they get to know someone they have no trouble showing their affection.

Male and female British Shorthair cats can differ slightly in personality. The happy-go-lucky males command respect but welcome attention from everyone, while the females are true British ladies expecting proper form and etiquette from those they come to love and adore.

These loyal and devoted companions will want to be where you are, snuggling up beside you on the sofa. Often resembling a sturdy teddy bear, the British Shorthair’s smile and plush coat combined with their wonderful disposition makes them one of the best family pets.

What Should a British Shorthair look like?

Size: Medium to large breed

Build: Chunky

Adult females: Medium to large, 7-12 pounds

Adult males: Large, 10-20 pounds

Appearance: They are known for their chubby face and cheeks, short snout, plush coat, thick tails and shorter legs

What is the British Shorthair's personality?

Temperament: Calm, Cuddly, loyal, somewhat independent with an easy going demeanor

The breed posses a warm and lovable personality along with a somewhat independent nature making them a top choice for families or singles needing that perfect, loving companion.

What is the origin of the British Shorthair?

The British Shorthair is among the very oldest of breeds. The origins of the cat most likely date back to the first century AD, making it one of the most ancient identifiable cat breeds in the world.  In the year 1870, a British Shorthair was acknowledged the “Best in Show” at the very first formal cat show held in the Crystal Palace in London.

How long is a British Shorthair expected to live?

Life Expectancy: 12-20 years, depending on background, breed stock and overall health of your cat.